Artwork inspired by Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 3) #36

Last time, I wrote about how Jubilee, while aesthetically dope, never truly becomes the Asian hero we need. Hisako Ichiki (aka Armor), I feel, redeems a point in Asian representation.

Hisako is a new-ish character to X-Men with her first appearance in 2004. Hailing from Japan, her mutant ability is to create an enormously powerful and impenetrable psionic exoskeleton around her body. She can make it gigantic and at one point, even fights a Godzilla-sized dragon named Fin Fang Foom. (Yeah, that character was definitely made in the 60s by a white guy. Thanks, Stan Lee.)

I haven’t read every…

Artwork inspired by Excalibur (Vol. 4) #14

X-Men’s Jubilee was probably one of the first Asian American superheroes comic readers can remember. Why? Because she was literally designed to be iconic. Jubilee (a portmanteau of her full name “Jubilation Lee”) was created by Chris Claremont and canonically born in Beverly Hills to Hong Kong immigrants. Making her comic debut in 1989, she was introduced as the team’s token teen member, inspired by the heyday of American mall culture.

Jubilee comes off as hella spunky and has an iconic CMYK look. She sports cutoff shorts, hot pink lens sunglasses, and a bright yellow duster. She even lived in…

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